Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photography - Time of Day

While in Florence, Italy I got up early one morning and was rewarded with the soft light and still water that often happens only in the morning. The two best time to take photos outside is usually early in the morning and near the time of sunset. The colors will be prettier, the light less harsh and no shadows with which to deal.
I am a morning person, so getting up is no problem for me. I can usually make it to sunset....except in Alaska where there really wasn't a sunset! Even in Paris I stayed on top of one monument waiting for it to get was ten o'clock before true darkness fell. I was wanting to get the Eiffel Tower with it's beautiful lights.
Above, you can see the warm glow that is reflected on everything as the son rises on the King & Prince Resort at St. Simon's Island.
Sunsets are famous for their colors but even the sky at twilight overlooking Florence has color plus the addition of the lights of the city.

Lighting is probably one of the hardest things to deal with in Photography, but shooting early and near sunset are usually two very safe bets! I told Joyce that if we go on our trip in May she was going to have to get up early!
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