Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The little things....

I will try to get off the wedding track (I do love weddings!), but before leaving, I will share more composition tips. Another interesting thing to look for is contrasts....contrasts in big and small, old and young, no color and lots of color (like the flag in the snow). Brandi's bridal bouquet was HUGE and I love this shot with the flower girl holding her bouquet. The vignette around the flower girl was done on iPhoto, though you could achieve a similar look by softening the edges with Picasa.
The shot above is one I took on my knees....much more interesting than if I had been standing up. Notice her dad and brother leaning over the pew looking back. The bridal party is out of focus (depth of field) as the spotlight in this photo is the flower girl. The location of her, Dad and brother also falls in the rule of thirds.
Above is my husband with his big hands buttoning the fur stole Addison wore at Whitney's wedding. This is a contrast of big/small, old/young, dark clothing/white clothing. Addison calls Jim "my Jimmy", so it is also capturing a tenderness of a relationship, another important thing in photography.
I have shared with you that Addison has a love of my iPhone....above she is checking out Joyce's camera. Joyce let her take of photo of that is photojournalism I can handle...capturing moments like this that were not staged.
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Jan Castle said...

pictures.....sooooooo sweet! Don't know if I could get down on my knees and then get up again! LOL!