Friday, January 29, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset

I am always amazed at the color of the sunrises here at St.Simon's Island. I know that a photographer would look at these and think that I messed with the saturation, but I did not. I have taken photos like this year after year here. The color is reflected on the water and even on the wet sand and the wet rocks.
Below is the pier near the village of St.Simons as sunset is nearing. I still had to walk down to the King & Prince so I couldn't tarry until dark.

Today, I spent a lot of time at Christ Church, an Episcopalian church built in the 1800's. I have a lot of photos from there to share and I think I will give some photography tips too. I was happy I that I managed to drive my husband's car with no mishaps (which tells you I have had problems in the past). I drive a SUV and he drives a Cadillac. Let's just say that the undercarriage on his vehicle is a lot closer to the ground and that presents problems for me. I did get a call from our son Jason today and he lost control of his truck with the icy conditions and totaled his truck. He is okay, but I felt really sad for him. He had driven that truck since high school.

We had the song Sunrise, Sunset sung at our wedding.....almost 34 years ago now.
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Joyce said...

Great photos! Love, love those colorful sunsets.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! God sure knew what He was doing, didn't He?

Sorry to hear about Jason's truck... but I'm glad he's okay!

Jackie said...

Beautiful photos! I miss St. Simon's Island, we used to go up there every month or so and just wander around. Not as easy to do from NC :-(

Jan Castle said...

Breath Taking!!!! Will have to share the glorious colors when I send my choir update! Thanks Holly!!!

nise said...

How beautiful! I was walking outside tonight and decided the s-n-o-w, which was sparkling like diamonds in the yard light's glow, was stunning. Kept right on thinking that and gawking until I realized I couldn't feel my fingers. Best of Luck to Jason on getting new transportation.