Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photos of the Genesis

Some of you wanted to see what the Genesis looked like, so above is a photo of the trimmer with the light on. See how you can see exactly where you are cutting? This is great for cutting patterend paper, cropping photos, etc. There are measurements on the trimmer for cutting specific sizes and measurements and also a very helpful grid that is engraved into the metal. This is an extremely sturdy tool. The blade is self sharpening but is very reasonable if you should need to replace it. Since this is a precision trimmer, it is not meant for chipboard or several pieces of cardstock at the same time. You can trim off a piece of paper so tiny that the paper will actually twirl up in a corkscrew shape! If you are cutting several sheets the same size, there is a bar that you can put on that will make your cuts be the same size.

I have no affliation with Bonnie's Best Art Tools, but like I said earlier, I have used these trimmers for ten years now and they are the best. Since most every project I do requires cutting paper to a specific size, I use this on most every project! Once you have a Genesis, you don't want any other trimmer! That is why I think I need one to use at the cabin....:-)
Speaking of the cabin, Joyce and I had a great time on our quest for frozen waterfalls. I have lots of photos on my laptop so I will go through them and try to post some. I had to laugh when we found ourselves a considerable distance away from the cabin after dark. This is twice that we have driven by Whitewater Falls after dark and Joyce has yet to see it. It is a spectacular waterfall. We just keep going until we can see nothing else! Our drive across the country in May should be interesting....LOL!

We finally made our way to the cabin in the cold and dark and learned that apparently the water in the pipes between the pump and the house had frozen (duh....frozen waterfalls....frozen pipes), so we had no water. Hopefully the pipes will be okay and won't burst as we certainly don't need anymore plumbing problems. I actually had planned to drain the pipes and do the antifreeze thing, but it was too late.

Have a great day and let me know if you have any questions about the Genesis and I will try to answer them.
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