Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cullasaja Gorge, NC

The waterfalls of the Cullasaja Gorge is visible on Highway 64 going from Franklin to Highlands. The falls are very pretty year round, but they were especially striking with portions frozen.
I thought the vegetation that had been sprayed with freezing water was especially pretty. We saw a couple that had walked down to the bottom of the falls or as close as you could get, but it was a very steep climb.
As you can see from the wide angle shot above, frozen water formations were all along the rocks above and below the road. Below is a closeup of those ice formations.
The roads were fairly clear as there had not been a lot of precipitation, but just several days of sub freezing weather. Joyce and I really enjoyed our trip. This is just the first stop so hope you come back to see the rest!
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Mary said...

BEAUTIFUL photos! I love the frozen water falls. How beautiful winter can be. Have a wonderful time at CHA.

nise said...

STUNNING! Sorry you had froze up pipes, though. Thanks for the info and pics on the Genesis. Maybe someday. And I'm glad to know Jason isn't deprived, especially since he got the $20 bill star ~ lucky son! Safe travels out west.

Jan Castle said...