Thursday, January 28, 2010

CHA Supershow, Kaleidoscope Kreator

If you have read my blog for a while, you will know that I love this software from Kaleidoscope Kreator. I can take a photo or scanned object and create so many cool designs! You can use it for cardmaking, scrapbooking, quilting, making frames or making ornaments. I love technology (my husband calls me the techno kids laugh as I resisted getting a computer and a Internet connection years ago, but now I can't live without my iPhone!....which reminds me, did you know I used my iPhone as my boarding pass to get on the plane? Delta emailed me a link and I just brought up that link and held it under the scanner at the cool is that? no the paper for papercrafting!...and now there is the new iPad...hmmmm) and this is some of the easiest and coolest software I have found! I have no connection with these companies that I am showing you, other than loving their products and becoming friends with the owners, just because I love their products SO MUCH!
Jeannie holds up the great MITI that she did with crafters in her booth. She printed off a design done on the software and then graduated sizes were punched with punches and pop dotted together to make a great little hanging beauty! The make and take was so popular, she had to get busy printing more for Saturday!
This software is also great to create quilting patterns and the designs can then be printed directly on fabric.
Below, you can see crafters enjoying doing the MITI....something even men like to do! Jeannie's husband was also at the show. They both work full time working on the software, making it better and better! Jeannie's sister was there helping out too.

Makes me want to click on my Kaleidoscope Kreator icon on my computer, but I know if I do I will realize two or three hours later that I do have work to do! I get lost having fun using this software and I am sure you would too! It is habit forming though! (Just click on the name in this paragraph and it will link you up).

It was great to see Jeannie at the show and I think she has a new collection of quilting projects to do with the software. I follow her on Facebook and need to check out those new projects!

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Jan Castle said...

Thanks for the K.K. info. I bought it, but cannot load it as I do not have enough room on my computer...have to wait until I get a new one (hanging on as long as I can before doing that).

Joyce said...

Too bad it's still not available for Macs. It looks like a fun program.