Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thinking out of the box! Bonnie's Boxes

The drawers of this cabinet were covered by Bonnie with Ten Seconds metal that she had embossed with the Ten Seconds plates. There are names for the different sizes of plates that you can run through your personal diecutting machines....and the colors of the metals are to die for! The hardest thing is to choose the pattern and color you want to use! If you want to do your own designs there are the hand tools you can use also.
I had to take a photo of these drawers since they have my initials on them....of course, most bathrooms do too (get it...Hot....Cold!)
I seem to be on a grid state of mind here, so thought I would throw in this photo of the Genesis. See how you can see right through the Graphic 45 paper? Hopefully you have had some of that in your hand and you know how sturdy it is. It works great with cropping photos too, to make sure you aren't cutting off Aunt Sally's ear or something!
Bonnie has even made some improvements to the Genesis and I think a deeper grid is one of those improvements.
Ohhh, so many drawers and so many places to put "stuff" and things....and great hand tools!
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nise said...

OK, that's enough! I LOVE those little drawers and have been searching antique places for years to find the perfect set for me that's affordable. I am really intrigued by that paper trimmer. But those metal panels from the Ten Seconds people are simply amazing (or maybe it is Bonnie's talents with their tools). Never gave them a thought until I saw your picture. You are putting things on my Wish List that are screaming major investment! I don't remember Charles Kuralt doing that...

Holly's Hobbies said...

you are so funny! Charles took you places that made you want to go to in person right? If you have a personal diecut machine already, the metal and the plates aren't TOO much in price. Thanks for your comments. Today I went to a great flea market on Pickens SC and left with fifty cents!

Jan Castle said...

WOW! Got all three posts together...what a place!!!
Funny you should show "Ten Seconds" as I just bought my first yesterdayto use for my "Ink'll Do" card club project this month: foil/metal. Thanks for the great pics!
Bye for now...have to go check out that lighted paper trimmer!

nise again! said...

Oh, Holly, Charles may have wanted me to go places, but that required TIME and money. Yours just needs money and I can always put off the housework to play with the toys. I only have a cuttlebug ~ will need to investigate whether I will be able to use it for these beauties or if I am safe for now. What was the great find(s) at the flea market???

Holly's Hobbies said...

Well, Nise, I just love going to flea is like an adventure! I think my best transaction was from a lady that I spent $7 that I got a set of Williams Sonoma autumn small cookie cutters (which I went back to the cabin and used in polymer clay - small maple leaves, etc.), two antique sewing things (a little box of threads and some tailors chalks), a heavy green marble lazy susan (which I hope to use on my drafting table once I find it!), a bunch of office stuff including several packages of post it notes, several rubber stamps! Whoo hoo! I also got some of the best green beans for a dollar! Thanks for asking!