Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rabun County, GA

Well, I am finally home from the cabin. It was a working trip, both doing a project for Inkadinkado and working in the basement that was flooded and had to have the sheetrock ripped out and redone and everything repainted. I did have a few minutes to take photos and we had a good time on Wednesday at the Pickens Flea Market in South Carolina.
If you have ever seen the movie, Deliverance, much of it was filmed in the Tallulah Gorge, seen above. I have posted photos from there before, but this one has the fall color.
We go to church in Tiger, Ga and there is a vineyard across the street with a beautiful english looking tudor style home located along the line of trees. Often, you will see a spiral of smoke coming up from the fireplace. I just think it is lovely on the rolling hills.
The grapes above were at the vineyard, but I bought some muscadines and scuppernongs (below) at the flea market to eat....they are so sweet, I don't think they were a good thing for my Weight Watchers program! LOL!
I also made it up to the Art Room in Franklin Saturday for the make and take and sale. I did not get anything together to sell, but I did pick up a few things :-) I will share some photos.
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Jan Castle said...

What beautiful fall pictures...being from Miami, FL (no fall color), I am in awe of the fall coloring elsewhere! Beautiful here in Salem...much like GA and NC. The grapes look yummy...go ahead, enjoy - they won't last long and WW will always be there!

nise said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the grapes. Wasn't there a report one time that they are good for you or was that wine made with grapes?