Sunday, November 29, 2009

Poinsett Bridge

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and is ready for the next month! My husband and I went to my mother-in-law's house in the upstate of South Carolina.
On Black Friday, when my husband took his mother to the army base in Columbia, SC I took his car (with a full tank of gas and his Garmin) and hit the road! Had my camera and a turkey sandwich with a diet Coke and a place to find...what more could a girl want? I had read about this bridge earlier this fall and have been anxious to go find it.
I have been in cathedrals in Europe that are centuries old and I love gothic style, but I was surprised to learn of this bridge in our backyard, relatively speaking, that is almost 200 years old! It was part of a roadway that was built from Greenville, SC to Asheville, NC. I love the gothic style of it! To think that someone took such pains to build such a beautiful bridge out in the mountains so long ago and it is still standing, in good shape, is very impressive to me.
Above you can see the roadway that goes across the bridge. The bridge goes over a mountain stream.

Above you can see the sun beginning to peek up over the mountain (yes, I am a morning person!). I found photos someone had taken on the internet where there was a blanket of snow covering the bridge and, that would be gorgeous!
Hope you all got great bargains at the mall shopping Black Friday.....I found a treasure that is almost two centuries old. Don't worry, I have more photos!
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Mary said...

Aren't you the little adventurer... good for you! My daughter and I like finding treasures like your bridge.... She's a photographer too....hmmmm might be why :-) I'm glad you found the bridge. I'll bet you came away more at piece than the shoppers did!

Jan Castle said...

Old is REALLY good! Great pictures and what a interesting bridge!