Monday, November 30, 2009

Poinsett Bridge 2

Think of all the moss and all the leaves of autumn and all the budding of the dogwood and rhodies this bridge as seen and could tell about, if bridges could talk. It is said that a man was hung under this bridge and that it is haunted, but I do not give much credence to such rumors.
Above is a shot of the rocks that make a side of the bridge.
Of course, I had to check out the bridge from many angles and look at all the surroundings, such as the moss on the ground and the glow of the sunlight on the mountains.

I like the contrast of the lichens on the tree with the carefully placed stones on the arch. I will definitely have to go back in the spring!
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Peggy Maier said...

This is such a beautiful place. I'm glad you took so many photos of the surrounding area too (esp. liked the leaves against the moss!) I can hardly wait till you return in spring - I'll be looking forward to seeing the pictures you post!