Sunday, November 22, 2009

More butterflies from Callaway

Here are more photos I took of butterflies while at the butterfly house at Callaway Gardens.
I met a man from Columbus, GA that was there taking photos of the butterflies also. Most photographers are not very talkative. They want to be about their work and don't have time to talk. He, however, was very talkative. He had a very nice Nikon camera and sells his photos at craft shows. It is always interesting to talk to other people that enjoy doing what you like to do.

Not sure what the butterfly above is called but it was quite elusive. It was beautiful when it's wings were open with all the different colors.
Well, I turn another year older today....sometimes I feel like the older butterfly whose wings are tattered, but I guess as long as I can keep flying, things will be okay!
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Becky said...

Happy Birthday Hollie! Love the butterflies!

nise said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a FANTABULOUS day! And I gotta tell you I was laughing when I read your comment about the tattered winged butterfly. I popped by yesterday and I almost left you a comment about that being me, but decided the beauty of the butterflies shouldn't have to hear about my less than positive thoughts. Keep flying and sharing, Holly!

Joyce across the Pond said...

Simply stunning - you make me want to visit all your haunts....thanks for sharing.

Lenoria said...

Wow! I'm glad you let us travel with you - even if it is only on your blog! I love seeing your pictures of places and I love these butterflies!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Isn't all the beauty that God sends to us just breathtaking?