Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blue Morpho Butterfly

While at Callaway I spent quite a bit of time at the Butterfly House. Other when I arrived Friday morning and there was a bus load of elementary age children there, it was quite peaceful.
One of the most beautiful butterflies that was in abundance at the butterfly house was the blue morpho. When they flew by, you saw a flash of a neon blue. When they lit, they were brown with bronze eyespots.
Above you can see the inside and the outside and the differences. As with many creatures in nature, the male color is more vibrant than the female.
The outside is quite lovely in itself but does not stand out like the inside.
Finally, one lit near me and kept his wings open. I think he was a little old in age and his wings were a little tattered, but I still appreciated the opportunity to see the beautiful color for longer than a split second!
I am working on a layout using some butterfly stickers and the first two layouts have been rejected, so I am hoping the photos I took at Callaway will be the charm for the third try. I don't know why I did not think of them first....I go there every year this week.
Have a great day!
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CelticWoman said...

oh they are gorgeous, nobody does it like mother nature. Thanks for sharing. Sandi

Anonymous said...

Once again you have shared more beautiful examples of your multi talents. Thanks for allowing me to have the opportunity to subscribe to your blog with its wonderful pix,crafts,quotes,... I have saved so many of the emails notifying me of your newest post as I enjoy rereading them. thank you again and again. Would you be willing to share what camera(s)/equipment you regularly take with you to use?
nancyk. in WI

Anonymous said...

As usual another batch of fantastic pictures..the butterlies are wonderful...
thank you for sharing your great pics with us..


Holly's Hobbies said...

Thanks ladies for your kind comments. Nancy, I have a point and shoot that I use (Canon Powershot 990) is small enought to keep in my purse. My new baby is the Canon 7D (replacing my Canon 50D that was stolen from my house after having it 6 weeks!) which I use with a monopod to help keep it steady. You can take great photos with a small camera...the main thing is to experiment with it! The great thing about digital is that you can always delete the bad ones (and we all have those!)Have fun taking photos!