Monday, November 2, 2009

Bonnie's Best Art Tools

The last time I took photos of Bonnie's work area was in 2000 in her home studio. Those photos, with all her beautiful antique oak furniture, were featured in Rubber Stamper Magazine. She quickly outgrew her studio and obtained space in a complex where the Genesis Paper Trimmer is now produced. Bonnie found the Genesis years ago when she had a cottage business making invitations, covering candy bars and making fun "magazine covers" featuring the birthday gal or guy. She used a Genesis trimmer one day at the printing store and she was sold. They were then produced up in Maine and were marketed to photographers and large companies like Disney. They were not being marketed to papercrafters. To make a long story short, Bonnie eventually began selling the Genesis and after many miles on the convention circuit, settled down and now produces the trimmers, selling them and many other very cool tools from her internet business. You can check out all her tools at her website.

Above, you see Bonnie and her assistant Patty (seated) at the computer, ready to fill your order!
Bonnie and Patty will be traveling to Anaheim next January to set up at the consumer show at CHA. If you are lucky enough to be able to go to that show, be sure and stop by her booth and take a ride on the cuts like butter, with precision that you won't find with many other trimmers. It really helps to use one to see what a great tool it is. I have no affiliation with the company, but I will say that a 16 inch trimmer with a light was one of my first purchases when I got serious about paper crafting and I have never regretted it. I liked it so much that I also got a twelve inch one that is more portable. With the previous owner, there was a backlog in delivery of the trimmers, but that backlog is about cleared out and Bonnie is just about ready to begin taking new orders....I hear Christmas bells in the background....then Mother's Day will be around the corner. Hmmmmmm

Just as Bonnie's home studio was filled with great furniture and displays, so is her office. It is primarily an internet business, but if you find yourself in the area (NE Atlanta) and want to stop by, give her a call and see if you can make an appointment to stop by.
Above is a great piece she recently bought. It already had the letters added to the drawers and she has a mirror that looks like it was meant to go with the cabinet. I know I love to see people's stamping rooms, so I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the items in her work area. I was going to do this all in one blog post, but I think I will do a few a day. It is just like Halloween candy, better to have a serving a day, rather than eat it all at once!

Above, you see the great coil binders and rubberstamps Bonnie carries. She has tables, giving a great place for classes.

I love the Eiffel tower on this display case and all the eye candy (merchandise below)!

Bonnie carries lots of Ten Seconds Metalworking materials and tools, as seen above. I am a big fan of license tag art and thought the following collection was very cool....stay tuned....more to come!


nise said...

How Fun! Great job on taking us along, Holly. LOVE that cabinet she found. Thanks for the "trip".

K said...

Great photos, Holly. I've seen Bonnie's store and it's fantastic! You all are in for a real treat. Not only has Bonnie created a to-die-for space, Holly takes beautiful photos--just another one of her talents. Thanks for the peek!