Friday, October 30, 2009

My House Mouse!

I am an early to bed and then up at the crack of dawn type person and last Saturday, I was sitting in my room at the cabin working on my Halloween cards. I have a corner cabinet in the corner and I saw something drop out of the corner of my eye! Then I saw this little mouse crawling back up the cord!!! The basement at the cabin flooded when a pipe broke, so all the sheet rock is being replaced. The workers sometimes leave the door open and I guess this little fella came in out of the cold! He is sitting next to one of my toy sewing machines I have decorating the room. I named him Mr. Jenks, like the mouse on the movie, The Green Mile. We were able to get him out that same day and he ran off into the woods. I don't especially want a mouse in the same room with me, but this one was kind of cute! I guess when you build in the woods, you can expect all kinds of varmints, just like the black bears that frequent the area.
I told you about my John Muir quote shirt. Well, I found another shirt I had been looking for in Sylva. I wanted a Life Is Good shirt that said "Go Places". I had seen one before but needed to find my size. One of my favorite things to do....Go Places! I will be going back up to the cabin this weekend to paint the basement and get it ready so all the family can come up there the week between Christmas and New Years. Also, my friend Lynn is coming for a week. We enjoy cooking together....hope she doesn't have any fattening recipes picked out!!
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Toni said...

Holly although we don't want mice in the house I cannot help but think that is one cute photo. I'm surprised he stayed still long enough for you to photograph him.

nise said...

Well, he is cute and he doesn't slither, so he's ok. Glad he took off into the wild blue yonder, though. Great shirts for checking out what's around the next bend. Happy cabin time!

Jan Castle said...

How absolutely priceless! What a picture...waited just for you!!! I have a friend who has a "rat" for a pet (ugh)...will have to pass this on to her!!!
Love the shirts - they certainly do reflect your personality!!!