Friday, September 18, 2009

Growing at Pearson's Falls

Moss and ferns are lovely and they do love the mountains and rock walls!
Grabbing a lot of attention was cardinal flowers.
I do not know what this pink flower is called but we saw several of these also.
There were many interesting types of fungus.
This would be a great walk to take in the autumn or in the spring or in the summer!
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Holly's Hobbies said...

Joyce has determined that the pink flower is called turtlehead or rosy turtlehead. I saw several of the cardinal flowers at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens this week.

Jan Castle said...

Isn't a walk in the woods much to see, and to take pictures too! Aren't you the lucky one...and then we get to enjoy them too...a win/win situation. Thanks for sharing Holly.
Jan Castle