Saturday, September 19, 2009


Carving pumpkins is fun, but after all that work I would like to keep the pumpkin for next year! Joann's has the funkin pumpkins on sale. These you can carve and shade and then keep them!

Joanns has a brochure with examples at their display of funkins and I was actually asked to do a funkin for them....unfortunately, they did not choose my design. Silly me thought they wanted the pumpkin to be carved! I had fun doing it though, so much that I bought two of them this week to do for my kids. You can check out the ones they did choose here or go to the store and get a free brochure.

On my Trick or Treat funkin, I used Jolees Jewels hanging in the "O" and lots of stickers and punches from EK Success. I made holes at the top so the funkin became a candy holder.
Here is what it looks like when a light is added. On the backside, I decided to play and have some fun with the "EK" logo....I think Joann's did not like this side, but I never meant for them to use that was just for fun!
I think it looks pretty cool when lit up though!
I hope to do the ones I bought with team mascots for my kids colleges...since Halloween comes during football season and we are big college football people, it would be fun to have pumpkins with the colleges on them. I will post them when I get them done (like I have nothing else to do around here than to carve pumpkins....LOL! .....warning, it does make a mess! Oh well, what else is new with my hobbies? At least photography gets me out of the house and doesn't make a mess!)

Have a great day!
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nise said...

Possibly your example was too ostentatious for them. I love the little bit of carving, so you can light the bugger up. Part of the magic of Halloween is the glow of the jack 'o lantern. Saw those suckers and immediately thought of my usually shy 7 yo niece. Last night was the homecoming parade and I kept only a mini chocolate tootsie pop sucker for myself and dumped the rest in her bag. She saw me tuck that sucker in my pocket and immediately attacked me for it! I perservered and I doubt she will even miss it since my Mom and sister also dumped handfuls into her bag! Hope your kids will be as enthuised about their mascot pumpkins.

Holly's Hobbies said...

Thanks, Nise. I just began reading Dick Francis' new book. It always makes me chuckle when he uses the word bugger.
I appreciate you and my other faithful readers. I have some people drop off when I don't post papercrafting, but I have a lot of different interests.
Thanks for commenting....I like to sneak candy too!

Laureen said...

I love your blog because of the variety. I love photography, though I am a beginner. My husband always comes and looks when you put new pictures on. I am still shopping to replace my camera that was stolen. I was wondering you said you shaded your pumpkin what did you use? I never have bought them because I don't like the color. Thanks for all you show us.