Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mindscape Halloween

These are more new Inkadinkado stamps, called "Mindscape". If you look closely, each image is made up of a lot of smaller images. At first I wasn't too sure about these....reminded me of tatoos or something like that. Once I stamped them and began coloring them, however, I liked them. I like Halloween that is a little spooky, a little different, so these fit that bill.
The card is the size to fit in a business #10 envelope and I did some stamping on the background paper also. At first, I lined the images in the center, but they seemed to need a little more irregularity than that, so I shifted them some.
The images are pop dotted to make them stand up off the mat some. I colored them with the original markers small tip for coloring details like these!
Thanks for looking!
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Dheer said...

hey very interesting works.. what materials do you use?

Jan Castle said...

What a cute hat!!!! Guess you are really into Halloween!!! Great stuff Holly! Hope you enjoyed Minn.

Laurie in MN said...

Love the Halloween cards from earlier and today, and the Inka stamps.