Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Canon EOS 50D

I have been using my Canon Digital Rebel for almost five years now and I think it is about time I upgraded! I made the plunge this past weekend and bought a Canon EOS 50 D. I went out in the yard and played with it a little taking some photos of my flowers.
I also took some shots of this little darling and her grandfather (no, not grandchildren here).

Now I just have to start saving money for the lens I want!.....and I have to learn all the bells and whistles that comes with this one!
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nise said...

Good luck with your new camera. The initial pictures are gorgeous!

Jan Castle said...

Hi Holly...oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! Can't wait to see more pics you take with your new camera! I went to Schreiner's Wed. and took a few myself...will send you a few.
This week I've been flower pounding and yes, you are right, making cards is for giving away - they are already gone!!!
Jan Castle

GotMoreChecksThanCartersGotSpots said...

Its amazing shots you have taken!

One day I hope to be able to afford the Canon Digital Rebel