Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where Ideas Take Flight

First, let me tell you about a brand new website that I am very excited about. It is called Spotted Canary....where ideas take flight. It is a resource community to give you ideas and projects and you can share your own ideas. Sounds cool, huh? I have contributed to it, so if you see a project attributed to "Renaissance Crafter"....that is me. You know how a "Renaissance Man" knows about and is interested in many different things? Well, I am interested in a lot of crafts....from papercrafting, scrapbooking, photography, sewing, knitting, painting....the list goes on and on, so that is why that is my name on the site. Be sure and click on the name above and check it out. Let me know what you think. It has just recently gone live, so it will continue to get better and better! You can create your own "Craft Spot" where you invite friends, message others, etc. I am still learning my way around on it.

I have created artwork for Inkadinkado for almost two years now. Most months, you can see something on the Inka website that I made....I just got my "assignment" today so I was excited to get started. After I finished the card I made, I decided to go ahead and make cards out of the extra photos I had printed. The first one (above) is a photo I took in Savannah, GA. Who knows, there might be a candy box Forrest Gump left behind somewhere near that park bench. I took that photo in the morning when the sun was low and it was illuminating the spanish moss. I added some stamping with an Inkadinkado stamp and some ribbon, and I have a card ready to go.

This next one is the Minnehaha Falls near Lake Rabun in NE Georgia. It is one of our favorite waterfalls in the area of the cabin. This would make a great manly card or card for someone who likes to hike.
This garden gate is in the backyard of my friend, Miriam's house. She has a gorgeous backyard with lots of hydrangeas and ferns and hostas, etc. Notice how I used the Curvy Cutter to cut a half circle at the top of the card to replicate the gate....easy peezy!
Don't forget to check out Spotted Canary!
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nise said...

Great cards! Makes me anxious for the roses to start blooming up here so I can have some new pictures to use. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration and I will check that site out when I have some extra surf time, as it sounds like I might need it.