Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding Details

There are a lot of details that go into planning a wedding and several paper crafting and crafting projects that can be done by hand. I like to do a little photo session ahead of time of some of the details and small things that are chosen and made for the wedding. The wedding day is much too crazy to try to fit all that in. Here you can see the invitation. My sister took photos of the couple out at the beach, printed the photo on white linen and then printed the invite on vellum. A ribbon was then used to attach the vellum to the linen. On the program we made, the bride made up a word search using words from their lives and their weddings, giving the guests something to do as they waited. 
I printed up labels with the names for the candies and stamped on them with Brilliance ink so they would have some sheen to them. A little glitter was added to the heart on the stamped image and the candies were very attractive.
One thing I like to look for when doing photos is mirrors. This fun shot was taken in my cousin's billiards room....not the most expected setting for a bride, but a fun shot indeed.
My sister wanted to have Key Lime Pie for the groom's cake, but wanted it to look like a cake rather than making individual pies. She baked this half sheet cake key lime pie and then the morning of the wedding, I decorated it using Wilton tips and frosting. Buying the ready made frosting where you can screw on the tips made for a much easier process. The only thing I put in a pastry bag was the white frosting for the piping around the "cake". Hopefully the newly weds are getting sunshine in the Bahamas and not rain like we had the week of the wedding. M & Ms were used for the coconuts. Just thought I would share a few details of the wedding.
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Peggy Maier said...

My goodness, so many cute details! I know they'll look back & remember this very special day & think of them.