Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Paint, crayons or Copics?

I love to color and I basically use three different methods. I either stamp the image with Versafine and paint the image using watercolor paints, use watercolor crayons to stamp with and supplement with paint or color with Copics (after stamping with Memento ink). Different images call for different methods. I can usually look at an image and know which will work best, so when I get new stamps, I will often stamp them out to see what they look like and then make notations of which method I think will work best. These are some new stamps from Serendipity. I love the nice big images and often watercolor crayons is my method of choice for most of them.

Here again, I will do the images by the sheet. I will do more than one try as each will be different. I go ahead and paint all of them....when I need to make a card, the hardest part is already done.
These were all done with watercolor crayons and then paint added. I love the Mist-it spritz bottle from Inspired Crafts. I use if for water and for blending fluid for Copics.
I still have more to do and then I will make finished cards out of some of them. I have a few I will just paint and others that I will use Copics on....depends on the detail (like the bicycle...much easier to do with fine tip Copics than a paintbrush....the candle will look great with airbrush around it...the heart wreath is so detailed I will just paint it as the different colors are too close to do with crayons but I want a soft watercolor look). There is a rhyme to my reason.
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Kathleen said...


Glad to see you back again, although I loved all of the pics from your travels! I hope you had a great time. My stamping "method" is much like yours. I stamp a bunch of images in the appropriate ink, depending upon how I think I will use the image. Then color away while watching TV. Then I have a stash ready that just need to be made into cards.


CelticWoman said...

those are great stamp images and your coloring is lovely, so soft. Sandi

Heidi Blankenship said...

I always love seeing how you color your images and no matter what medium you choose they always look so beautiful!!