Monday, April 6, 2009

More from the Tidal Basin

Here is a shot from the Washington Monument of the Tidal Basin. You can see there are a lot of paddle boats in the water. I noticed in the shot of the mall that the reflecting pool was full of water then. When I was there recently, there was no water in the fountains or in the pool, I assumed because of the possibility of freezing. They must fill them back up before the Cherry Blossom Festival. Having the water in them makes a big difference in the appearance. Besides paddle boats, you can see there are a lot of cars on that one street!
I noticed a lot of what seemed to be professional photographers out around the basin taking clients photos. This girl had a camera and wanted a photo, but when I went to take it with her camera, the camera would not work. Maybe the battery was drained. Anyway, I asked her if she had an email address she could give me and I would take her photo and just email it to her. She did and I did and she was so happy when I sent her a couple of shots I took of her on my camera.
I waited around (with hundreds of my new best friends :-) for the sunset. I love the glow the sky has at sunrise and sunset.
Beautiful spring flowers were planted everywhere. There was a flower garden near the capitol I visited for this shot. A gardener was working in it and I told her she must enjoy her job taking care of the flowers. She assured me that she did!

Monday, I will be at the practice round of the Masters. I should have some photos from that if it doesn't rain too much! I also have photos I took several years ago of Tiger Woods on his first Monday at Augusta National. He was still an amateur and was very young....wearing a red shirt (that is what he usually wears on Sunday during tournaments now). I was very impressed with the short speech he gave at the inauguration praising the armed forces and the fact that they allow us to live in freedom.
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CelticWoman said...

I love the pansies with the capitol in the background, wonderful. Sandi

Scrappin Cheryl said...

I love that you came to a stranger's rescue and went the extra mile to take and e-mail pics to her! Bravo! We need more acts of kindness like that around the world. I thank you.