Thursday, April 9, 2009

Masters Tournament

Here is one of the old photos I took of Tiger Woods when he was very young on his first day at a Masters Practice Round.
This is one of the ones I submitted to They put up all six I uploaded.
Here I am with my husband, Jim. I have a couple of wild shirts I wear to the tournament....I should post a photo of them. The fabric has badges all over them. There will be photos taken from this vantage point during the tournament, so I hope to get over there and have one taken on Thursday.
The sixteenth hole is my favorite place to sit. It is a par 3, so you can see the entire length, the pond is beautiful and the restroom and concessions are close! Unlike most tournaments, the restrooms are very nice permanent facilities.
A friend from Charleston, SC is joining me on Thursday and then my husband will come for the remaining three days. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend! Brrrr, it is cold here in Atlanta on Wednesday morning!
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Jan Castle said...

Great pics Holly! I know you are enjoying yourself...good looking guy beside you...what's not to enjoy! Keep taking those lovely photos. I do soooooo enjoy them!
Jan Castle
P.S. Would love to see all 6 pics of Tiger that you took eons ago!

Oma said...

My hubby would love to be there right now! He is watching it on TV as I type!