Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flower Closeups at Biltmore

Though it was a rainy day, there were several photographers out taking photos of the tulips Tuesday. Sometimes sunlight that is too bright will blow out the color and you get truer color on a cloudy day.

This section of tulips were much different than the ones planted there last year. Beautiful combination of colors! Each month, something different is available to be seen in the walled garden at Biltmore. This year, I hope to see the roses and the fall mums at least! The peonies will be blooming in May. There is a carpet of flowers in Aug/September up on the gravel patio near the wisteria arbor. They are in pots and I have heard it is spectacular from the rooftop tour.
I have a red bleeding heart planted up at the cabin, but I had never seen the white bleeding heart as pictured above. I purchased one and we will see how it does along side the red one.
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chelemom said...

WOW! Beautiful pics!

Jan Castle said...

YUM! what great pictures!!! Now don't be jealous...I have a white bleeding heart - right next to my red, pink and white throat one. They are delicate and hardy at the same time...sooooooooo pretty. And the tulips - well, your pictures are just like being there...good job Holly!
Jan Castle
PS enjoy the cabin...more pcis please.

Kara Ward said...

These are all so beautiful. You captured Spring time in your camera lens. Outstanding! Kara

nise said...

Love the springtime I'm seeing here. Must not have found anything great at the flea market since there were no pictures of those "treasures". My grandma had pink bleeding hearts and I am very fond of old fashioned flowers. Thanks so much for sharing.