Monday, March 2, 2009

Using Copic refill ink on shrink plastic

I love to make jewelry and shrink plastic works great! I have die cut the butterflies to make a necklace pendant, earrings and a bracelet.
Always punch your holes before shrinking.
I have a beaded necklace I have strung and I pick out the colors to go with the necklace and the new shirt that I purchased.
I am working on a Teflon sheet and obviously began coloring them without my pliers to hold the butterflies....thus the big mess on my fingers. Yes, that will be there for a while!!! Perhaps gloves would have been good here :-)
After getting the two chosen colors blended as I wanted them, I applied a layer of glossy accents and also went around the edges with a silver Krylon pen. Now, I have to be patient and allow them to dry. That is one good thing about the ink. It does dry quickly.

I know this looks like a mess now, but the end results are going to be beautiful! If you have other alcohol inks at home, you can use those also.

Another great project to do using the refills is the polished stone background on glossy paper. More later....
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Allison said...

How long did your fingers stay blue??