Sunday, March 1, 2009

Copics directly on rubber

First, let me say that I did go to the cabin this weekend, but after church services finished up there this morning, I headed home. My daughter had a lot of snow in Memphis, TN and my son was getting snow in Tuscaloosa, AL. I decided I better not run a chance of getting stuck up there today. The cabin is in the northeast corner of Georgia with an elevation of about 3700 feet, near SC and NC, but I think most of the front was going east of that. Anyway, I had an icy and snowy trip home, but I made it safely. Above is a shot I took from my driveway when I arrived home.
Here is another fun technique I did while up at the cabin. You color directly on the rubber with the Copic. You can do color selection, applying the colors where you want them. Before stamping, spritz with colorless blender fluid or alcohol. I did not have the bottle of blender fluid with me at the cabin, so I used alcohol for these examples. Be sure and use a fine mist.
When I put my hand on that bottle of blender, I will try it with the blender fluid (now, where did I put that stuff?). If you got a phone call after you colored the stamp, no problem....the blender or alcohol will bring the marker back to life.
Here is the Inkadinkado stamp I was showing above. I did do a few lines and dots just to give a little definition. I think it has a watercolor look, and we all know how much I like watercolor! The snowflakes are appropriate for today here in Atlanta!
Here is an Inkadinkado shell I did in the same method. I tried doing a line of definition in a darker color...not sure if I like it on this example, that that is how we learn. It is just paper and the Copics are tools, not jewels. That is my philosophy!
More later...
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Amy said...

Love the idea, I just don't have all copic's I have a lot of prismacolor! Do you think it stand that it would be the same. How did you clean the stamp?

Holly Craft said...

Yeah, I wish I had all the Copics too! I will try it with the Prismcolor...not sure if they are alcohol based or what. Obviously, you can do this with waterbased markers and spritz with water. Those would be easier to clean than with Copics. Personally, the staining of the rubber does not bother me, but I will experiment and see if something gets it off. I will let you know in another post.

Jan Castle said...

Holly, what version are the Copics you are showing here. Are these the ones you can use all the nibs with?

Holly Craft said...

Jan, the square shaped markers in the shell photo are the Copic originals. They come with a fine tip and a chisel. The other one I use is the Sketch (oval in shape). It comes with a chisel and a brush tip. I have these two types as I can airbrush with either chisel or brush. I can change one end to a calligraphy tip for writing, but I would not be able to airbrush with that end then. Actually that would be a good idea for any colors that I have both pens in.
My understanding is you can change the nib in any of them if you want something different. I will make sure of that. Hope I answered your question.

Holly Craft said...

Jan, the brush tip in the photo where I am coloring the bird red is a sketch marker. There are several nibs available and you can put a sticker on the pen to indicate what the new nib is so you will know without opening the pen. Check out Carpe Diem here
Sometimes you have to email them for the sale prices but apparently it is worth it...sometimes the sale is just for that day...thus the name "seize the day"!