Thursday, March 12, 2009

A solemn day at Arlington Cemetery

Today was a crisp, cool day in Washington DC. I spent some time down around the Washington Monument this morning. I love that you can see the length of the mall all the way to the Lincoln Memorial and Capitol Hill. It is one of my favorite monuments.
I then went to Arlington Cemetery. This is such a special and solemn place. I remember the first time I went there with my son when he was in fifth grade. We made sure those students knew how to act while we were there. Unfortunately, a lot of the teenagers I saw today did not know how to act. 
The tulip trees were blooming and the daffodils were popping up. Some of the trees look almost red with their leaves and blossoms about to burst open. I had not been to the Robert Lee House on the hill and I was able to go there today. I took the following photo from that pinnacle.
Actually, I went to Arlington today to attend a burial. One of my friend's sister-in-laws was being buried at Arlington today. The pallbearers were men from the Air Force, as the lady's husband served in the Air Force.  While at the burial site, I could see another procession up on the hill that had full military honors. It was quite an awe inspiring sight with the horses and wagon and the Washington Monument in the background. Arlington is a very special place for very special people that served our nation.


Jan Castle said...

Great pictures always! I have not been to DC since high school, but I still remember it. Spring there must be fantastic!!! Our spring is slow in showing itself here in Salem...hope all those blossoms will be out soon!
Jan Castle

Jill Haddad said...

I just wanted to tell how beautiful your photos are - especially the one of the tulip tree in bloom with Arlington Cemetery in the background. THAT is such a moving photo - the two extremes: New life and death.

Great shot!

nise said...

WOW! You are truly an artist, Holly. Your photos are so beautiful, especially the tulip tree in Arlington Cemetery. Never been to DC, however my sister is in Georgia (Canton/Marietta) visiting a friend and I told her if I was in that area I would go to Biltmore House. That's how good your pictures are!!

Karen Hargett said...

Beautiful and sobering pictures!

Mary Snyder said...

Holly, my dad will have a full honor guard ceremony when he passes, the whole horse and carriage, the 21 gun salute, the bugler, the folding of the flag, etc. Mom is buried there. What a place that is. Gorgeous pictures, by the way.

herbertherbert said...

The photographs took me right back to visiting there some 14 years was a solemn place, it is still a solemn be treated with great respect. It is so well looked after by the gardners etc. Your photos are tremendous and brought it all back to me.
Joyce In Northern Ireland