Thursday, March 12, 2009

Greetings from the District of Columbia



I love to take photos from high places, so where better than an airplane? Here are some photos of monuments I took as we flew into Ronald Reagan Airport on Wednesday. The cherry blossoms are a couple of weeks from blooming, but I still have memories of being here at the peak two years ago. I went to the top of the Washington Monument then and also hung out around the tidal basin and got great photos.
It was 73 degrees here yesterday, but now the cold air has come in and it is 37 now! Might even have a dusting of snow. We are on the Potomac, at the Gaylord Hotel at the "National Harbor". They list that on their website, but it is really a town in Maryland. Luckily I knew that and we could plug that in to the Garmin....Garmin does not recognize National Harbor.
My husband had a call to make in Fairfax, so while we had a car, I did get to visit a stamp store....woohoo! Stopped by the Happy Stamper in Reston, VA. We also drove up to Baltimore....almost completing my list of places along the eastern seaboard I would like to visit. Only place left...NC's Outer Banks. I will try to do that this summer. Then, from Key West to Lubec, Maine, I will have been to all the places (that I know of) I want to see.
I think this is some form of cherry tree that is blooming. If anyone knows what it is, I would love to know.
Today I have a day pass on the Metro and am checking out a hotel my daughter is staying at this summer and going to a burial at Arlington (for a relative of a friend of mine). I am glad I bought that jacket yesterday at REI that is wind and rain proof!
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Beth said...

Have fun, Holly! I think DC is so fascinating, I would love to go back! Oh, the architecture alone gets me giddy! Can't wait to see more pictures.

Suzanne said...

Have are in my neck of the woods. I love visiting DC and fortunately for me it is only a 40 minute Metro ride. Though I live in the metro area and have for over 30 years I do not do DC traffic....YUK!

Jan Castle said...

Don't know how I missed this post...great pictures!
Jan Castle

Norine said...

glad your having a great time love the pics

CelticWoman said...

You captured the city in all of its glory, thanks for sharing, Sandi