Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sketching in the atrium

Here is a shot from the dock of the Gaylord atrium and below, one from inside looking out.

This fountain cycles through several stages and has different sounds resulting from those cycles. It sounds like a waterfall during some of the stages. There are birds flying almost feel like you are in a rain forest or something similar.
After watching the Memphis Tigers play basketball, I went downstairs to do some sketching. All the rooms facing the atrium have balconies....I have already shared with you that I do not have one of those rooms. I did not see ONE person sitting out on the balcony enjoying the sounds and sights of the atrium. What a waste!
I really like this salt box style structure that is supposed to represent a building from Williamsburg, VA.  I spent a day at Williamsburg once and this building reminds me that I need to go back there sometime.  First, I sketched the building in pencil and then used the new Memento pen I purchased at the stamp store on Wednesday. I bought it to try with Copics but I decided I would see how it works with watercolors.
I like to sketch architectural elements that are interesting to me, like the arch and the lamp.
From now on, when I look at these sketches, I will remember the sounds of the fountain and the time I spent sitting there.
Here are some examples of the beautiful flowers. Too bad the weather isn't cooperating so I can sit on the dock and do outside sketches. Maybe I will take a small sketch pad to the Masters Tournament this year.
We are heading home and I have much work to do this week, so I might not be around much. Hope each of you have a wonderful week!


CelticWoman said...

I feel like I have taken your trip without leaving the farm, great pictures and wonderful sketching. Sandi

Holly's Hobbies said...

Thanks, Sandi. It has been a good trip....a couple of weeks later it would have been perfect with the cherry blossoms open. I will post some of my photos from two years ago when I was here at that time.
"Take a little trip and never leave the farm" is one of my favorite expressions for my daydreaming...I used to stand over the St.Johns River in Jacksonville when I worked in the Prudential Building, looking at the bridges and pretend I was in San Francisco. I think that is one of the things I love about traveling...I can always pull up a Kodak moment and pretend I am at another location. When I sketch a location, I really know it and the sounds, smells, etc. The seagulls at Baltimore instantly took me to Fisherman's wharf (as do the sounds of seals barking). This is such a wonderful world we share.

Peggy Maier said...

Thanks for all the gorgeous photos! I enjoy "traveling" with you! The Gaylord 's atrium is a place I'd love to sit & relax - your descriptions made me feel as if I were there.

Heidi Blankenship said...

What can I say--Simply Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your photographs and your fantastic sketch! You did a Fabulous job with those Copics!!

Val said...

What an awesome sketch...fabulous. One day I would love to see the area. Your sketch has made it a very inviting place to visit! Thank you!

Trisha said...

I love travelling, thanks for taking me with you. You are quite the talented artist, your sketches are incredible. I absolutely love that area and hope to be able to go there again, but until then, your trip has brought me back.

Amy Johnson said...

What a beautiful place and such fabulous photographs. TFS! Love your sketches. I didn't know what an amazing artist you were!

Alex said...

WOW: What lovely views you had - amazing photos. Love your fabulous drawings too.

Thanks for sharing.

Alex from England x

krcrafts said...

Your sketch is beautiful! And what a coincedence...I live in Williamsburg and used to live in Jacksonville where I work in the Prudential bldg! What a small world. I know you don't know me, but I'm a friend of Mary Lee's :) And a fellow stamper.

Anyway, your pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for posting them!!