Friday, February 13, 2009

watercolor step out photos 1

I told you Faber-Castell is my favorite brand of they are in their mahogany box (set of 60) of my prized possessions! Like I said, you can use other brands. I usually use Strathmore 140 lbs. cold press watercolor paper but others will work as well.
You apply the aquarelle (fancy name for wc crayon) directly to the rubber. I like to use wood mounted stamps for this over the clear on acrylic block, just because I am applying force. If you are careful, I suppose you could use clear stamps. I can be as rough as I want with the wood mounted stamps. I like to use different colors if the subject calls for that.
Spritz the stamp with a fine mist of water, with the spray bottle being held several inches away from the stamp. Here is the whole experience thing...too much water and your image will be a little juicy....too little and you don't get an image. Often you can do the second impression without misting again. You can get several images from each application, but you see that each generation gets a little lighter.
I like to work in my wc paper tablet, filling the page with images but leaving enough room to cut them out and use them on cards. I leave the extras in the book and when I need a quick card, I can grab one of those images and use them. The first couple of impressions will be better than later ones, but we will talk about ways to fix that too. Monday we will look at what you do next. The shell is an Inkakindado stamp.
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nise said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Will be back for Monday's class and will hoepfully have found where I tucked my WCs by then.
Happy Valentines Day, Holly!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very detailed tutorial! It really helps. Where could I find some WC like those? Any suggestions?


Holly Craft said...

I have seen Faber-Castells at Pearl Art store or Randy's Art o rama....if you have Lyras or SU or the swiss brand, those will work fine. I like the larger diameter of the Faber-Castell and I think the pigment is better but they average about $3 per crayon.
You are very welcome!