Thursday, February 19, 2009

Watercolor comes in many forms

Just as hydrangeas come in many colors, watercolor comes in many forms.

We have talked mainly about watercolor crayons as that is my favorite form of the medium. If I had to choose one form that is what it would be as I can use them directly to rubber or scribble me out a palette of paints. The hydrangea was done in crayons and then the paint used to fill in the lighter areas. All of these stamps are from Inkadinkado.

The lighthouse and sailboat are painted from a palette, with the images stamped in blue for additional color.
This is another hydrangea from Inkadinkado. Below you will find the other two brands of crayons I recommend...they might be easier to find than the Faber-Castell and they are less expensive. As usual, you do get what you pay for as far as quality goes, of course. These brands are both the size of regular crayons, as opposed to the chunkier form of the Faber-Castell you have seen on earlier posts. Most any coloring medium has some filler in with the pigment, and I think there is less filler and more pigment with Faber-Castell. These two brands will work just fine if that is what you have or can afford. Also pictured is Peerless Watercolor sheets, paper that has been impregnated with pigment and watercolor pens (aqua pens that actually have liquid watercolor paints inside). In addition to these forms, there are watercolor pencils, which my friend Toni (A Spattering) used to do type recently ("SPRING")....simply beautiful! I don't normally like the "scratchy" look of watercolor crayons, but I love this idea! Water based crayons and dye stamp pads can both be used to create a watercolor look. Children's palettes like the ones that Crayola and Prang makes, work great. There are more expensive ones available and I do have one from Italy that I use, but in classes, I use Prang. Twinkling H20's is another water based paint you can use but they are going out of business, so if you need some, better hurry!

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these different forms of watercolor and I will be happy to answer and/or provide examples. Watercolor is one of the most flexible mediums so there are so many options!
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Trisha said...

Thank you so much for all the watercolor info you have passed on these past few days. I have saved each post and I am using the information to improve my skills. Thank you again.

Judit V said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for all your WC tutorials...they are very helpful!

Amy Johnson said...

Wow! Fabulous cards! I love the layout of them!