Friday, January 9, 2009

Very Polished!

Thanks to each of you who visited my blog for my sneak peek of the Spellbinders Floral Accent die! Good luck to each of you who entered the contest for the Day 3 die and for the Grand Prize (lucky winner!!!). The winners will be posted on the Spellbinders Blog.

Several of you expressed interest in my use of shoe polish on my photo holder. Above is an example of using polish to color a photo, leaving a spotlight. I also have a card in the Winter Take Ten magazine where I used a tan polish to create a vintage look. I grew up polishing my Dad's dress shoes every Saturday night, so I guess that is where I came up with these ideas!

Last night I was still up (watching my Florida Gators win the national championship) when Heidi's sneak peek came up. I think you will find her reveal very "polished" also! Be sure you check it out today! I love seeing what Heidi does with Spellbinders die templates! You honestly do not won't to miss a single sneak peek!

I also wanted to let you know that Picasa now has a version for Mac. I have used Picasa for years on my desktop, but this week I can use it on my Mac Book Pro! I love it for photo storage, editing, blogging, making collages and adding watermarks to my photos! It is a free program that is just great! Picasa 3 has some great new features!

Speaking of free, I ran across a blog that was new to me that shows some great Copic coloring and she has some free blog candy today! The blog is called Papercrafts by rach....not sure how I have been missing out on this one!

Good luck to each of you as you enter the Spellbinders contests and I hope you will visit me often!
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Debbie said...

What a great concept and love your technique.

Ann said...

Holly, so glad my last name is also "C". Good to run into you last Sunday, I'm thinking you need to come to Bonnie's, we'll all bring our old pictures and make this project one Saturday morning. Let me know if you are interested.
Ann Cornell

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly, I just love your creative style. I have a question; after you use the shoe polish on a piece, do you need to seal polished image?

Thanks for your continued inspiration, Wendy

Holly Craft said...

I just buff the polish with a paper towel or rag, just as you would on shoes...then, it actually seals the paper and you could drip water on top of it! No additional sealing needed.
Thanks for visiting,

lenoriakelly said...

I am glad you were on the Spellbinders bash so that I had the opportunity of seeing your site! I have added you to my list and I will check often as I love your ideas! I am in Gainesville, GA a lot as my niece and my brother live there - not too far from your area. Thanks again for sharing and I am just sorry it took so long for me to find your site.

Holly Craft said...

Hi Lenoriakelly!
I pass by Gainesville on the way to my favorite spot...the cabin in NE Ga mountains. Welcome...I am glad you found me!

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