Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quilt Wreath

I imagine that many of you are not convinced of how easy my quilt cards were to do that I did Saturday afternoon. (They really are easy....I design projects for 7 to 9 year olds and I am sure they could do them!) Well, I made these that were even easier! I have talked about Kaleidoscope Collections before. It is software that lets you take a photo you have on your computer and transform it in to kaleidoscope designs. Each move of the photo changes the Kaleidoscope and there are many many templates to use. You can zoom in or back out....it is so much fun to do and very addictive! A third template pack is coming out in January!

Anyway, I took the photo of one of the cards I made, brought it up on in the Kaleidoscope program and actually loved the first template that came up. When I realized it looked like a wreath, I switched to a template that made a white opening in the center for my Just Rite stamp I made up....one minute, two minutes tops, it was made! Printed a page of four of them and then just assembled the cards. Later I decided to play with a photo that had traditional Christmas colors in it. I printed a page of those and just have to put them together.

This card uses Kaleidoscope Collections, Just Rite stamps, K & Company paper in the orginal photo, nestabilities and the Wizard.....several of my favorite things! I did not run the prints through the Wizard with gutter guard as the texture is pictured in the print. I did add red half pearls for the holly berries in the wreath. The stitches I made in the orginal card also show up very distinctly. I just love experimenting and playing!
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Jenny Gropp said...

The kaliedescope program is neat. I have played around with it over a year ago and still have some files saved of results I wanted to play around with.... oh the ever growing list of thigns to play with....