Friday, October 31, 2008

Easy as pumpkin pie!

I know a lot of people do not have time to make complicated cards, so here is an example of a very easy one! I do love photography and when I was photographing my Trick or Treat Tags and my halloween cards, I used this pumpkin and quilt placemat sitting on the porch railing at the cabin in my photographs. I thought they made a great photo alone, so I shot it horizantally and vertically and left a spot for a verse. Now it will be on my computer to use however I want.

This verse is a stamp from Quiet Fire Design....they make some of my very favorite calligraphy stamps. I printed the photo on the same Avery cards that I mentioned in yesterday's post, stamped the verse, added a little ribbon and paper layering, and there you have original card like no other in the world.

Here are the original photos I took......doesn't hurt to have a backdrop of fall leaves! The best photos are taken in the morning, as these were with the soft light or late afternoon when the sunlight is golden. My mother was planning on taking this pie pumkin home and making a real pie out of it.

Have a very happy and safe Halloween!!!

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Quietfire Style said...

Beautiful use of the stamp Holly! Thanks for your inspiration! I hope you get some of that pumpkin pie!!!