Monday, September 29, 2008

Going Batty!

Here is another card I made for Serendipity Stamps. I love to do these watercolor backgrounds and then sprinkle a little salt on the wet paper. You can see some of the little spots the salt creates.
This card comes a little too close to home, however, as bats decided to come live in the eaves at the cabin. At nightfall, I can see them streaming out of the eaves and then they come back home about daybreak. Those are not as bad as the snake my mother found last week when she arrived at the cabin. It is still in there slithering around (or hiding) somewhere! I like halloween creatures, but I like to keep them on paper!


Heidi Blankenship said...

OMGosh the snake is still in the cabin!! You didn't tell me that part!! Yikes! Love your card, it's really cute and you did a fantastic job on the water coloring!!

Chris said...

Yikes. All good snakes should stay in the woods. We had a baby bat get into our house years ago. My husband though it was a giant BUG. We noticed him at night and spent at least an hour trying to catch it as it flew all over the house. Eventually, we caught it in a canning jar and released it outside.

Anonymous said...

Oh my good luck with your snake issue. I love this card it is one of the best Halloween cards I have seen so far. Love the water colors.

Debbie /Phx AZ

Jenny Gropp said...

bats and snakes -- I'd be high-tailing right back to the city!!!
I just got a shiver!

Love the card- and the salt tip -- have not done that in a long time!