Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tag Tryptich

Every once in a while, I think it is good to step out of the box and do something that isn't "you". I have never understood tryptichs, and probably am not even spelling the word right, but this was fun. I received some chipboard tags from a company (more on that in later posts) that would be easy to replicate from cereal box cardboard. I took two of them and painted them pewter (Lumiere paint) and allowed them to dry. I stamped both pieces with Inkadinkado stamps, using Versafine ink. The one that I used as the "doors", I ran through the Spellbinders Wizard with some road trash that I believe is gutter guard (I have all varieties!....recently, I was seen pulling some out of a dumpster at Amelia Island Plantation while the truck was pulling it away...another story!) That gave it the cool diamond texture. Next, that piece was cut down the middle to give me the two doors. I cut the opening for the little window, used hvac tape (I am queen of road trash...just trash!) to connect the three pieces. I used silver eyelets to secure the tape and keep everything happy. For the red you see in the window, I used red velvet paper and ran it through the Wizard with a sheet of vinyl that is made to look like the old tile ceilings. It was made for doll houses. I found it and a brick design at Pearls the other day on my art store tour I took my friend Jacki on (Sam Flax, Binders, Pearl....Dick Blick will have to wait....found way too many bargains at Sam Flax!) This gave the red velvet a very cool texture. I used red rhinestone hearts, vellum butterflies that I cut with a Spellbinders die in the Wizard, pewter dimensional paint and Stickles platinum glitter. It was a very fun project...I got to use my Wizard, Spellbinders die, Inkadinkado stamps and lots of STUFF....what is not to love??


Anonymous said...

My, my I guess you really are the Queen on dumpster diving. Kudos to you that you can even see something worth diving for....if I only had half of your creative eye.


Anonymous said...

OH....MY.....GOSH!!!!!! This card is so clever!!

You are the queen of road trash!


jacki jones said...

this is very interesting and it does look like it was fun to make. The Atlanta Art Supply tour was a blast. Thanks for showing me where everything is!

Holly Craft said...

Yes, Kim, now that you see what a posh place Amelia Island Plantation is, it makes going through the dumpster even funnier! Imagine the driver as he looks in his rear view mirror and sees what he assumes a rich (not really of course!) middle aged woman with a rather expensive camera around her neck chasing him through the parking lot, grabbing trash out of the dumpster! I must say that I had already "previewed" the trash and put my collection in a certain place, so I just had to reach it and grab it!...then hide it from my husband who is not very patient about my trash collecting habit!