Friday, March 14, 2008

Welcome to my garden

The other side of the front of this card says "Welcome to my garden". It, of course, made with Spellbinders die. I also ran the card through the Wizard with screen to give it the added texture. The garden photo is from the cabin. It is not so lush and green there yet, but come June it will be. Hopefully we won't have the back to back Easter time killer freezes that we did last spring that froze the hydrangeas back to the ground. They are already budding out this year, so hopefully they will really get to show off this summer.


leenda said...

I'm one of your biggest fans & am tickled that you are blogging!! What a treat for the craft world! Love this card to no end!

jacki j. said...

OOH, I was just going to say something similar. I've always admired your work so I'm glad you have a blog now.