Monday, November 4, 2013

Yoda Star Wars Costumes

 My daughter wanted to have a Star Wars theme for their Halloween costume, so here is what we came up with. For two year old Clayton, his Yoda costume consisted of a ladies mock turtleneck shirt that I cut down the front, cut off the sleeves some and raised the armhole. The fabric I cut off the sleeves, I used to make a faux hood on the back.
For Yoda's ears, I got a fleece hat that fit Clayton and then sewed two pieces of green fleece over the original hat, inserting the "ears" in the seams. I used pipe cleaners in the ears to give them some body so they would stand out. Since Yoda is old, I added some batting for the wispy white hair that Yoda has in the movie. I added green fleece feet to a pair of brown leggings and added a piece of elastic on each leg that would go under his shoes. He carried a walking stick. I made the sleeves long rather than making something to go on his hands, as I did not think he would tolerate something on his hands.
 For Princess Leia and Obi One Kanobe costumes, we used patterns shown a few photos below.
 Here are some close ups of Yoda's costume pieces.

 Obi One Kanobe's costume consisted of the tunic and cape from the above pattern. For Princess Leia, I choose the other pattern to get the sleeves and neck. I should have just extended the length of it and given it a flair as the skirt went down, and then used the belt I made, but instead I made a top and a skirt. Live and learn! I did add a draped faux hood on the back of the princess dress that was sewn into the shoulder seams.

Isn't that the cutest Yoda you have ever seen? They did win first place for team costumes at their trunk or treat!

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Jan Castle said...

Such a creative Grandma!!!! Perfect set of costumes Holly!!!!! And YES, Clayton is adorable!!!!!
Paper Hugs,