Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Photographs in the Mountains

 My son, Jason, and I drove up to the cabin this weekend as our families were out of town. Jason and Jessica were recently given a camera by her parents, so he wanted to go out and take some photos.

We first visited the local flea market. I noticed several spider webs along a fence and after finishing up at the flea market we went to photograph them. You never know when you are going to find something that is photo worthy. I wish we had taken photos when we first saw them. It was a foggy morning and there was a lot of moisture in the air, which made the webs very visible. By the time we finished shopping and grabbed our cameras, a lot of the droplets had fallen off. Jason took a photo with his phone when we first saw them, but not sure how it came out. Sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you!

 We next stopped at a nursery that has a lot of succulents. I love growing these and I thought their planting here provided an unexpected photo opportunity. You can find great shots in the most unlikely places so always be prepared.

 I have taken photos of these falls in all seasons and summer is probably my least favorite. There is a lot of greenery in summer, so while it hides the falls, it also creates a frame.
 Above, I shot shutter priority so that the lens was open long enough to get a smooth look to the waterfall rather than the jagged look you would get when the shutter is open less time.
 I like to look for something interesting in the foreground like the yellow flowers above to focus in on. The falls is still sharp enough to be pretty. With aperture priority, you choose how much depth of field you want.
 I also like to look at the details around my feet. While the big picture was really pretty, the small picture can be quite interesting also!

Below is Jason with his new Nikon camera. I have never owned a Nikon, so I told him to read the manual! Of course, that is always a good idea! Jason turns 31 this week, so Happy Birthday, Jason!

 We moved on to Dry Falls. I like to get different perspectives, this first one being from the overlook along the highway.
 Here again, look to the small picture like butterflies and ferns.

 I had to chuckle at Jason taking several groups photos along the walk up and down. I used to always offer to take group photos where it was obvious someone was going to be missing in the photo as they were taking the photo. Jim always fussed at me, so I just quit doing it even when he isn't there. If someone asks me to take their photo, I am happy to do it. I think it is a nice thing to do to offer and I am happy that no one has taken this joy from Jason.
 This shot is taken as we are walking down to the falls. This waterfalls is called Dry Falls as you can walk behind it. It is not necessarily "dry", you will get some spray, but you won't get wet.

I also like to look for shots that can be used as a background. These work great in photo books, collages, cards, etc.

 Here are a couple of different perspectives....down the river after the falls and to the side of the falls. People always add perspective to the size of things like these waterfalls, so I don't mind having shots with people in them.

 Another close up shot and a shot from under the falls.

 It was beginning to rain as we drove into Highlands, NC but I did take the following shot from the car. I have always loved the shot from the dam but the person in the kayak added interest to the photo.
It was a nice break from the moving process. Hope you enjoyed these summer shots!


Jan Castle said...

Definitely enjoyed the tour Holly...right up your alley with the gorgeous shots!!! Glad you got a little break from moving...ugh! May it be over soon - then we get to a real tour of the house - right?
Paper Hugs,

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! And how fun that you shared the time with Jason. All the best with the move. If I can vote, I vote with Jan -- share pictures when you're in and settled please. nise