Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gibbs Gardens in June

 I have been out of town, so I wanted to get up to see Gibbs while the hydrangeas were blooming. The sun was a little bright to get great photos in open areas, but the shaded areas were fine.
 There were a lot of hydrangeas, mainly the blue ones like above. There was also oak leaf and lace tops.
 It was a warm day, so the plantings in green and white were cool and inviting. The hostas were very big and blooming.

 The astilbe was just beginning to bloom. I need to go to the cabin and work on my astilbe bed this weekend.
 Once you have seen hydrangeas blooming in France, it is hard to get excited about them here in the states. These were pretty though!

 Not sure what these yellow flowers were....they grow fairly close to the ground.

 Around the Japanese Gardens were azaleas in white and pink, iris and other water flowers. The lily pads were very pretty!

 There were a lot of knock out roses in bloom. Guess I need to go to the Biltmore House to see hybrid roses. There is also a town in South Carolina that had a lovely rose garden. OR maybe I need to go back to OREGON!

 I don't think I had ever seen a frog actually on a lily pad, but this little fellow was resting on one below.

 The day lilies were beginning to bloom and they had some plants for sale. I did not walk over to the day lily planted area. I guess I will just have to go back soon and check them out.

Hope you enjoyed this little touch of summer!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thanks for the tour! nise

Jan Castle said...

What a wonderful place for photos...wish the day had been overcast for you...the sun is usually not our friend when trying to take pictures! Perfect day today for picture in Oregon - hint, hint! Have a bum knee so I would have to sit and watch while you do the work Holly!

Doris Fry said...

Beautiful photos. I think the yellow flower is St John's Wort. It is probably a hybrid. I have seen it twice recently and finally had someone tell me the name. I think it also grows wild. Doris