Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boofle tri-boss Embossing Folders

 One thing I like about Stamping Groups is you find out about new products! Not sure how new these are but they are from England and not readily available in the US. Someone on Gingerwood asked about the patchwork folder and I had to check it out since it involved quilting!

There was an Internet company here that sells them (Dinglefoot Scrapbooking), so I ordered the patchwork folder, button folder and stamps that go with the patchwork folder. Hey, they had free shipping with a $40 order! I was very pleased with their service.

One of the things Mrs. C on Gingerwood commented on was the fact that the pattern (not just the company name) was printed in black, so you can really see the pattern easily. I agree that that is a very good thing! Too bad companies here don't do the same!

I have not used the stamps yet, but love the red rubber (not a fan of clear as much!) Also have not made cards with the folders, but hope to soon. The impressions are great! The buttons crack a little but I am sure it will be fine depending on the paper I use. They are called "Tri-boss" as there are three levels of embossing. Notice how the stars are raised and the hearts and flowers are debossed. Love the detail!
I saw this company also has clocks and cogs as well as others....sure hope Dinglefoot Scrapbooking brings them across the pond also! These things are great!


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Look like fun embossing folders Holly! Can't wait to see what you do with them!!!
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