Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn at the Cabin

 Allison and Craig are both teachers and have the week of Columbus Day off for fall break. They love to come to the cabin during school break! Jason, Jessica and Jackson were able to join us for the weekend. We always have lots of good food like the apple pie above!
 Jackson loves to be outside and we visit the creek often. Last summer he and I did some wading in the creek but it was a little cold this trip.
 Jackson will turn two soon, so he opened his birthday presents from Clayton early.
 My mother's min pin had puppies and she kept little Moe, below, who looks like a beanie baby in size!
 I love the mist in the morning at the cabin across the street.
 It was very foggy when we went up to the state park to the overlook for photos. Jackson is enjoying his baby black bear!

 Here is the view from the porch. We had a tree come down on the driveway and Jim worked hard to get it moved before the crowd arrived!
 A friend in Chicago sent us a couple of those Giordano's thick pizzas that I love so much....Chicago pizza in the NE Ga mountains....who knew? It has partially been cooked, then frozen and arrives on dry ice. You cook it for about 20 minutes. Delicious! She sent two, so each one made a meal!

 My Dad turned 79 on Sunday and Mom will turn 80 in November. We are often mistaken as sisters! The dog is Ellie, mother of Moe.

 More good food....Sm ores!

 Clayton is still small, but he is very feisty! He will be walking soon and loves to "talk" baby talk. He is very curious and loves to investigate things!

 We visited this waterfall near Lake Rabun. It is one of our favorites!
 While we were out, we stopped at Goats on the Roof, on Highway 441.

 I took some photos of Jackson on this split rail fence. Unfortunately, the poor guy fell and got numerous splinters in his hand. I felt so badly for him!
 Clayton loved climbing up the steps to the loft....reminded me of Jason teaching Allison how to come down the stairs at our house when they were young! It wasn't so much fun for Allison!

 Jackson loves his Aunt Allison. I hope my grand kids can have wonderful relationships with there aunt and uncle as my kids did with my sister and her husband!
With my Dad having Alzheimer's, he leaves home often. My mom has had to call the police to find him several times. I got a Pocket Finder (around his neck) from the Apple store. It is a GPS that can be tracked on an app on a iPhone or ipad. I sure hope it helps find him next time he sets off on a walk. We never know in which direction he has headed, so this will pinpoint where he is as long as he keeps the device on his person.

Allison had a sad experience when she arrived back home as she found that one of her beloved kitties had died while she was gone. Her in-laws had checked on them Thursday, but when she came back home Saturday night, Tiger had been throwing up and died. He wasn't but about 5-6 years old so we don't know what happened. Our pets become our friends and we really miss them when they are gone.

All in all, it was a wonderful week at the cabin! Hope you are enjoying your autumn!


Jan Castle said...

Oh Holly...thank you so much for the 'catch up' on the family! Good to see everyone so happy...of course, you are the one taking the pictures - the one I wanted to see - take some with you i-Pad face on!!! LOL!
Our leaves are beginning to turn here and we finally have some rain - really feels like fall!
Paper Hugs,

Rose said...

Thank you Holly...as always, I love your photography and I so wanted a piece of that pie :-)
Bye for now,
Rose from Australia.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the pics of the kids! Theyre growing up so fast. Make sure you get in front of the camera sometimes!