Saturday, August 18, 2012

Using Paper Tape or Washi Tape in Making Cards

 The birthday season has rolled around to our house. Craig turned 30 in July and Jason last week. Clayton's is next weekend, followed by Jim, Allison and Jessica's. October brings Jackson's second birthday and November mine and the new little girl. So, I thought I would share some cards I have made where I used paper tape or washi tape.
In case you have not used this tape, it is very repositionable and comes in great decorative designs. I first used it on my Smash book....Love the black and white polka dot tape that goes with the Smash Book products!
I recently purchased some tape that matches Martha Stewart paper, so here are some uses I found for it on cards.
Above, I wanted Jason's 30th birthday card to pop up and shout "30!", so I made a pop up element and made 30 candles using the tape. Then I added a flame on each with glitter glue. I could reposition the candles if I wanted until I had them the way I wanted them and they were bright and festive!
 For another birthday card, I used the tape to make stripes on a tie. I placed a piece of card stock behind the die cut opening, traced the design and proceeded to cover up the area that would show.

One thing I love about this particular tape is that it comes in a little box that has a cutter along the side. The tape tears easily also.

I thought of trying iris folding with paper tape, but since you can see through it a little, not sure that would work unless you used the darker version. I will have to look through my stash and see if I have a combination that would work. I am sure some type of a paper quilting would work....hmmmm.
 For Clayton's birthday card, I used it as a border below the balloons. It kind of grounds them.
 I also saw paper tape used this week with mist. The tape acted as a mask. I use painters tape for that kind of thing....why waste your pretty paper tape like's not like I don't have a collection of designs...LOL!
You notice that I am using my Model Magic creations both on Clayton and Jason's cards....

So, here you see tape used as candles, stripes and a border...I would love to hear ideas you might have!

I will be going to help with Clayton's party next week, but I am sure I will have LOTS of photos and party ideas to share with you afterwards!

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Jan Castle said...

Holly, your cards are soooo cute! Jackson is going to have a blast with his Grandma around for his how time flies!

Since the stores don't always have what I want in Washi tape, I found that I can stamp my own with colored inks, etc. on 'Post-it Super Sticky Label Roll' tape available at office supply stores. It comes on a roll like scotch tape but has a paper Washi tape feel and will stick down on one side.
Paper Hugs,