Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ideas for Masculine Cards and Wrapping

 When I look through my stamps and stencils, I have a lot of flowers, butterflies and other more feminine images....but not as many masculine ones. I saw this candy box on Pinterest and I decided to do a post about creating more masculine cards and gift wrap.
The tutorial for this candy wrapper was found at this blog.She has a lot of 3D designs, in case you like creating 3D designs like me! The jacket size is based on the candy bar you select, so you can personalize it.

 The candy holder above is a lot simpler and could be used for a gift card or anything that could fit in a business envelope. I have a die for the tie (Dee's Distinctively Dies) but I have cut out many a tie before I purchased this die for my iris folding! Just fold a piece of paper in half and cut a pattern!
I scored the edges of the envelope to give it more dimension, but for something flat like a gift card, you could keep the envelope flat. In case you can not see in the photo, the security pattern is cut and folded down to form the collar.
The tie die is available on Amazon. I purchased it from a shop in Spartanburg, SC, but if you do a search for tie die.....well, you can figure that out!
 I used three of the ties for this package but you could use ties as pennants and spell out Happy Father's Day....or Happy Bosses Day...etc.
Years ago, I first did my tie in the pattern of security envelopes like below. Now, I don't get so much snail mail anymore, so I just ran some new envelopes through the quarter inch (non shredding) paper shredder to create strips. I guess it is not so much iris "folding" this way, as there is no folding, but it sure cuts down on time and bulk! I found the shredder at Goodwill as most all of the new ones now shred.
 Below, I made a bag topper for this gift bag (which is actually wrapping paper I wrapped around a box). If you are using an actual lunch type gift bag, you could fold the top down and cut the collar...hmmm, I am going to have to try it with a brown paper bag and see how that turns out.
 I used Spellbinders Alphabet (discontinued) on sticky paper to add DAD, but it could be written or use purchased alphabet.
 Another addition you could make is to add shirt buttons to the collars or where the collar would be.
I hope this post gives you some ideas for your cards and gifts for the men in your life....I am working on other using washi tape to form stripes in the tie....Fun!


Jan Castle said...

Sooooo dark colored ribbons would work great too for you wonderful tie pattern!!!! Love it!
Paper Hugs,

Hank hendricks said...

you use a lot of stuff for it...How you fit it into Gift Card envelopes.