Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Catching up with the Grandkids!

 We met the kids at Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville, Alabama for Memorial Day. It is roughly half way between Atlanta and Memphis and also near Huntsville, so it works out well for everyone. We rented a lakeside cottage and it was much nicer than the little place we had there for Labor Day in 2010.

Clayton was nine months old on Saturday, so I took his photo. Allison is taking a photo each month to arrange in one of the Seven Gypsies Shadowboxes that has twelve spots in it . He has really changed a lot! Now that he can sit up, roll over and crawl, it won't be long before he will be in constant movement! As you can see, he has also grown a nice crop of hair that we can not control! Speaking of controlling, he still controls us with is lack of desire to eat....we did find that he enjoyed the guacamole we made but that is about it so far!

 He loves bath time and playing with his rubber ducky so he is happy each evening in the bath.
 The cottage looked out over the lake and there were boats coming by are fishing by the cottage at all hours!

 Jason, Jessica and Jackson came out on Saturday and joined in the fun! Jackson is going to have a little brother or sister this fall (due near my birthday!). We will find out which at the end of June. Jackson will turn two about a month before the new baby arrives.

Jason got a promotion with Verizon and has moved back in with us in Atlanta, while Jessica finished up student teaching. She decided she wanted to teach High School English rather than pursue her law career so she received her degree to teach in May. Unfortunately, most of the school systems in Atlanta are not hiring right now. Jason goes back home on most weekends.

 The boys seemed to enjoy being with each other. Clayton was too young to interact back at Thanksgiving when they saw each other before. About the only interaction they had then was Jackson trying to poke Clayton's eye...LOL!

 Both of the boys enjoyed our iPads and the books and games we have on them. We also enjoyed seeing all the deer that came out each evening.

 On the way home, we stopped by Little River Falls near Ft. Payne, AL. There is a drive there that goes through the canyon. Would be beautiful in the autumn! We also stopped at Desoto Falls but with the dry weather, there wasn't much flow going over the falls. This canyon, however, is definitely on my calendar for another trip!

I just thought I would give you an update on the family. I need to go and change the photos I have of Clayton and Jackson as they both have changed so much!

Hope each of you had a great holiday weekend and took a moment to think about those that have sacrificed so much so that we can have the freedoms that we enjoy!


smhoffmann said...

I was wondering when there would be new pictures....just love them and oh my how Clayton has grown!!

Becky said...

Holly, I can't believe how much Clayton has changed and Jackson has grown a lot, too! Thanks for the update on them and the gorgeous pictures!

Jan Castle said...

Time certainly does get away from us! Both the boys have grown so much!!! It will be nice for you to have Jackson closer to your home - more picture taking time!!!!
Paper Hugs,

Allison said...

Such a fun time!