Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Center Step Card

Wow, I am making cards from the Splitcoast Stampers Inkling two weeks in a row...what's going on? This week's tutorial is a Center Step Card. I used some stickers I had and made two cards. I changed the measurements on the second card and made it to fit an A2 envelope.

Somehow, I messed up the measurements on the card above when I first made it so it did not fold flat. Thus, I had to change the center part score line and then trim off the excess card at the bottom. My philosophy is there is always a way to fix a mistake...well, usually!

I like the proportions of the one I did as A2. These cards would be a great place to use chain punches for those side panels. Here, I used some checkered wallpaper I had. I also used my new Smash Pen that is pen on one end and gluestick on the other. I love how it writes. I also always use my cutter bee scissors to cut ribbon...they are the best! Plus they look so cute with these cards....I couldn't resist putting them in the photo!

When I am experimenting with a pattern as I did to change the size of this card, I will often make one out of text weight paper. Then I have a pattern to keep of the new measurements.

After I spend some time in Florida with Jim on his business trip (and we will celebrate our 35th anniversary!), I am going to go to my daughter's house. She is expecting this fall, but has been placed on complete bedrest. She is almost halfway through the pregnancy. Five months is a long time to be flat on your back! Please remember her in your prayers.

I hope you enjoy this card design. It is a fun one and not that difficult to make once you get the measurements right! Allison wants me to make her some thank you cards for her to send to all the nice people that have prepared meals for them. I might use this design for some of them as it has a great "wow" factor!

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