Monday, May 9, 2011

Michigan Mega Meet

I traveled to Detroit Michigan to work at the Michigan Mega Meet in Novi for EK Success last week. I flew up on Wednesday and after we set up the booth, we held one of the sessions of the Round Robin. About fifty participants were in each of five rooms and we changed classrooms. Our class used the new Inkadinkado red rubber stamps that have a cling mount ( them!), Inka's stamping mask paper (soooo much better than a post it note!) and EK Punches (I have said for years that EK makes the BEST punches!). It was fun and we survived the hurried classroom changes!

The show was held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Here, Dana is demoing the Martha Stewart punches, including the punch all around the page punches and the punch anywhere on the page punches.....both are so cool!

I did the Inkadinkado table, but I snapped this photo coming back from lunch and Becky is filling in for me. We used the mask paper, stamp positioner, the cling stamps, the glitter tray, glue pad, ink.....yeah, sounds messy and it could be! I definitely had the messiest table, but the other two tables were, only little pieces of paper for their messes. Oh yeah, I used chalks and watercolor. Spattering watercolor can really be messy! We had a great time!

My favorite part of doing a show is meeting other members of the Creative Artist Team. I had met Becky before, but this was the first time to meet Kathy (left) and Dana (right). We had a great time together. The rinse I put on my hair was a little redder than I is short and so are rinses! LOL!

One of my readers, Nise, had hoped to come to the show so we could meet, but with gas being $4.29 she decided she couldn't swing it, but another friend did get to come catch up with me. I met Lynn several years ago when I did the Auntie Amy show in Novi for the Rubber Stamper Magazine. I fired her off an email after arriving and she was able to come on Saturday. It was so good to see her again. We have corresponded over the years but it is always nice to see each other. I really didn't think we would meet again so this was a nice surprise!

Saturday's project I did at the Inka table was a glitter medallion and I had fun with all ages!

I shared a lunch table with these ladies from Ohio and was happy when they visited me at my demo table.

A few people asked me where I was from with my southern accent, but not too many. The crafter on the left is cutting out letters with our Honey Bee Scissors...those and Cutter Bee Scissors are the BEST for intricate cutting. The Honey Bee ones are teflon coated and you don't have to worry about things sticking to them.

Above, Brenda was taking sign ups for Spotted Canary. If you have not yet signed up, go to and sign up today! We were giving tshirts at the show as well as buttons.

Kathy Fesmire was my "roomie". She is from Tennessee and I am so happy to have a fellow CAT member that speaks southern! She was in my territory for recruiting SDU instructors, so I had spoken with her even before she came back on board as a CAT member. She has been a Making Memories Master and has written a book called, Time to Scrap. We had a great time together.

It was a good show and my only complaint was that Michigan being in early spring (or flying or not getting enough sleep or something) threw my sinuses into being upset and I came home sick. Their bradford pears were just now blooming while we are moving on to summer.

This week I will be heading up to the cabin to visit with Mr. Jackson and to help clean up after the tornado. Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!


nise said...

Thanks, Red! I kinda like the color, but I wasn't lucky enough to see it IRL. The pictures are great and it looks like you had a really fun time. I am dealing with the sinus stuff, too, so I understand your frustrations. I am just happy that it was a nice, sunny weekend. Enjoy your time with Jackson and I hope the clean up isn't too bad.

Allison said...

I almost didn't recognize you with that red hair! Glad you had fun!

Malenadu said...

Wow you are a busy lady arent you.

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