Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bodie Lighthouse

Today we visit the last of the four lighthouses we saw on our trip to the Outer Banks. It is the Bodie (pronounced "body") Lighthouse. It was not open to climb.

There was black plastic sheeting over the glass of the top and windows.

I thought it was interesting how the windows were positioned differently on each side. Makes sense, though as that would provide more light.

There is a wooden boardwalk that goes out to a viewing area behind the lighthouse. There were some serious birdwatchers out there! The names of birds is something I would like to learn more about. I also need to carry my I am not already carrying enough equipment!

I loved the reflection of the lighthouse...always, when there is water or a puddle, look for a reflection!

Below are some ducks I saw that kept "ducking" into the water...I guess catching fish. Anyone know their name....anyone, anyone?

Below are some swans I cool! I had seen one at the Pea Island birdwatching stand but did not have my long lens and extender with me..from now on, just bite the bullet and carry it all with you, Holly! Plus the binoculars. Good thing I am working out!

The bird below reminded me of some I saw at the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska. It would all of a sudden dive bomb into the water. I must research this....afterall, I never have anything to do!

I enjoyed having Joyce with me on last summer's trip as she almost always knew birds and plants names. I remember her getting very excited when we saw a "dipper" in Yellowstone. Probably would have passed right by my radar!

When I see beautiful marshes, like the one below, I always think of my friend Doreen, in Charleston. She says the marshes are her very favorite scene. They are a great place to look for birds.

I was photographing this flower along the boardwalk when the ranger came and asked me if I saw something interesting. Seems they were looking for a rattlesnake they were trying to eradicate and he thought maybe I was looking at, no, I grew up in Florida where there are many snakes. If I see a snake, I am not stopping to take a photo...especially a closeup!

Notice the warning about snakes below....Time to move on, I think!

I used this lighthouse on the front of my Smash book as the black and white rubber band matched the black and white bands on it exactly....very cool!

Much more to see, though we are out of lighthouses. I will have to make it to Cape Lookout eventually...afterall, I bought the stamp of it at the Impression Obsession sale! LOL!

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Jan Castle said...

You go have to see it in person since you have the stamp!!!