Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tulips and Iris

When the flower is down close to the ground, what is the best way to photograph it? There are a variety of ways. Below is a shot that is taken up close looking directly down into the flower.

Here are the iris that were blooming near the chapel. Since they were down near the water, it was more of a challenge to get to them. I tried to get down at their level. I always like to include the buds and even the spent blooms as they have an interesting shape.

Below, I wanted to show the huge hyacinths that were blooming. They were so big that many of them were falling over.

Here is a group of tulips shot from directly above.

Sometimes you just have to get bite the bullet and get down on your knees (I know, it is a pain, especially with two cameras around your neck as well as a camera bag!). Set some of your stuff on the ground. Then there is the issue of getting up! This is one place that the weight loss and exercise has really come in handy!
Joyce and I would take turns visiting the ladies room so one could watch the equipment as that is another place it is not fun to have a lot of equipment hanging around your neck! LOL! I know, tmi! Trials and tribulations of a photographer that you might not have thought of before!

I mentioned that white flowers are difficult and you can see below that detail is lost on the white centers of the flowers, but at least the fringed edges still show up.

It is not the walled tulip garden at Biltmore, but it will satisfy my tulip fix for this year!

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Jan Castle said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...did I tell you that the pics are beautiful??? LOL!