Friday, April 1, 2011

Time of Pollen!

Joyce and I each have red SUVs and they both look yellow right now! Maybe the rain today will wash it off. A pollen count of 90 is considered high and it was way over 2000 on this day. Some days it gets up over 4000. Last year it was just terrible at the Masters and I had to go get something to clean out my sinuses and carry drops for my eyes. Makes my throat hurt just thinking about it! Sometimes it looks like we are having a sandstorm outside, but it is pollen in the air! Guess you have to pay for all these beautiful blooms somehow!

Pollen does affect your photos as it gets on the plants and in the ponds and on your equipment. If you zoom in on these shots, I am sure you will see the pollen, especially on the leaves. You might want to take a blower for your camera equipment or a microfiber towel for your glasses.
It also gets on your.....! LOL! Can you believe I was foolish enough to polish these shoes before putting them on? Polish your shoes AFTER you tromp through the woods, not before!
See what trials and tribulations we suffer to bring you beautiful flower shots? LOL!
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Jan Castle said...

It's worth every speck of pollen on you!!!!! LOL! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you! Was able to get my camera out today for the cherry blossoms at the Oregon State Capitol! Even got some blue sky...woo hoo! Thanks for the blossom tour!